Landscape & Marine Paintings
by Roger Seddon

Thank you for visiting my website which I hope you will enjoy browsing and find interesting.

Here you will find individual Galleries for my recent work, for landscapes and also for coastal and marine paintings. Others display some images from my sketchbooks and also paintings inspired by my travels abroad. Recently, I have added a new gallery specifically for paintings I am offering at reduced prices under the #artistsupportpledge.

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My paintings are regularly exhibited in the United Kingdom and some pieces are held in private collections in Europe, North America, Australia and Barbados.  I can be contacted at any time by e-mail. If you are interested in buying an original artwork please let me know.  Should you need guidance or advice on anything related to my working methods and choice of medium then please make contact by email and I will do my very best to help you.  Copyright of all images is the sole property of Roger Seddon.  Images may not be used, copied or stored without my written consent.



22nd September 2021

My plein air oil painting ” Mudeford Spit Beach from Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head” has been pre-selected for The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition 2021 and I will hear in October whether it has passed final selection .  Fingers crossed for the November exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London.


02nd May 2021

Following on from the highly successful auction last year, The Auction Hub will be hosting another Auction in May on behalf of Dorset Art Weeks. Full details will be announced shortly on the DAW website and App including launch of a virtual gallery of work offered in the salesroom. The Auction will be conducted between 21 May and 6 June.
Three of my oil paintings have been selected for auction and here is one of them ” Heading for Home...

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21st April 2021

DORSET ART WEEKS starts on 22 May and ends 6 June

During this period I will be offering a number of paintings at special prices. Many of these are of Exhibition and Gallery standard and are now looking for new homes. Storage space in my studio has become an issue so this is a good opportunity to pick up a bargain.

Presently I am in the process of setting up a new dedicated Dorset Art Weeks Gallery on this website. So far I have...

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12th April 2021


This year during Dorset Art Weeks a selection of my paintings will be on display at a special exhibition hosted by The Gallery at 41 in Corfe Castle. This will be a collective exhibition of work by their gallery artists which apart from myself include painters Rob Adams, David Atkins, Sue Fawthrop, Vicky Finding, Felicity House, Mike Jeffries, Judy Tate and Edward Vine and sculptors Sue Lansbury, Brendon...

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recent artwork

Oil on board |37x30cms |Kilbrannan Sound, Arran | © Copyright 2021 Roger Dell Seddon Kilbrannan Sound, Arran
Oil diptych | |River Frome Bankside | © Copyright 2021 Roger Dell Seddon River Frome Bankside
Oil | |Mudeford Spit Beach from Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head | © Copyright 2021 Roger Dell Seddon Mudeford Spit Beach from Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head


<h3>Kilbrannan Sound, Arran</h3> | © Copyright 2021 Roger Dell Seddon | Oil on board |37x30cms Kilbrannan Sound, Arran
<h3>Mudeford Spit Beach from Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head</h3> | © Copyright 2021 Roger Dell Seddon | Oil | Mudeford Spit Beach from Warren Hill, Hengistbury Head

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I am a painter of landscapes and seascapes working principally in oils. I was taught to paint in a traditional manner using the working methods and modern day equivalents of the materials and mediums used by the Masters. Many of these processes are used in my paintings to create...


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