Sketch Book

Sketches are normally spontaneous and rapid and because of this have a freshness that can be lost in a more deliberate and considered work. They enable the artist to capture the essence of the moment in terms of subject and form, with suggestions of movement and composition. My sketch books are very personal to me and they are the fuel for my imagination and inspiration, the very fields upon which the corn is grown.

Pen and Ink | |Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset
watercolour sketch | |Paddock Bay Lake Wanaka NZ | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Paddock Bay Lake Wanaka NZ
watercolour | |Stour at Wimborne #3 | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Stour at Wimborne #3
 | |Stour at Wimborne #2 | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Stour at Wimborne #2
 | |Dartmoor Pub (closed!) | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Dartmoor Pub (closed!)
watercolour | |Stour at Wimborne #1 | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Stour at Wimborne #1
pen and ink | |Inner harbour mooring | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Inner harbour mooring
 | |Violin practice | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Violin practice