Drawing is a beautiful art form and I delight in using a variety of graphic media, especially pen and ink, pencil, pastel and charcoal.

The ability to draw is the basis of everything. To the artist drawing is the same as a pianist regularly practicing piano scales. It focuses the creative mind, improves hand eye coordination and the visual representation of a three dimensional world in two dimensions. No matter how abstract the work the underlying drawing is the foundation stone upon which it is based.

pen, ink and watercolour | |Lucca | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Lucca
pen, ink and watercolour | |Domed Pavilion, Jahangari Mahal, Orcha | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Domed Pavilion, Jahangari Mahal, Orcha
pen, ink and watercolour | |Bell Towers, Lucca | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Bell Towers, Lucca
pen and ink | |Amber Fort, Jaipur | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Amber Fort, Jaipur
pen and ink | |Beside the River Allen | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Beside the River Allen
Pen, ink and watercolour | |Amphitheatre rooftops, Lucca | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon Amphitheatre rooftops, Lucca
Pen, ink and watercolour | |The Musician’s Gallery | © Copyright 2022 Roger Dell Seddon The Musician’s Gallery